Aniwura Marketer Incentive Program

Businesses survive on new business leads. Without leads, things may turn out to be difficult in terms of growth and sustainability. presents a unique solution for local enterprises by strengthening their Business Development Operations (BDO) through its Aniwura Marketing Incentive Program (AMIP).

Interested associates can take advantage of our unique offering by enrolling in the program as ‘Aniwura Agents’ thereby availing themselves the privilege of representing aniwura in their respective regions.

How It Works

The operations of AMIP is simple. You represent Aniwura as an individual or an enterprise in your area or state, you support local businesses in generation of new leads for business development and expand their operations. You will enable SMEs (small and medium enterprises) reach out to potential customers and clients within Nigeria, Africa and globally.

Aniwura Marketer Incentive Program aims to nurture entrepreneurship in Africa, encouraging agents to explore the world of possibilities and benefit of mutual growth.

Our Marketer Incentive Program Rules

As an accredited marketer, you are eligible to earn commission on every paid subscription you facilitate on Aniwura platform.

To redeem the commission, you are expected to create your own points’ channel and also a channel for different parties which may include workers, affiliates, specialists or subsidiaries that may be available to support your team. To utilize the points, the Marketer should furnish the details of the Registered Affiliate Subsidiaries(RAS) and the agreed points allocated to them (as per the format of Aniwura) in order to develop an ID for every (RAS.) Once the ID is created, the party can access Aniwura program and utilize the points the Marketer has allocated.

  • To redeem a point (an incentive) Marketer and RAS will pick an item(s) on the applicable page on AMIP website and utilize the points through redeeming them.
  • RAS can redeem the points allocated by the Marketer at any point in time, and utilize the points for one or more items.

In case of expiration of the agreement with Marketer, the Marketer can reclaim unused points within 90 days. In case of failure to reclaim the points, the points will be deemed invalid or void, and cannot be utilized any longer in future.

Please refer all Program-specific questions or comments to e-mail:

  • Email:
  • Mobile: +234 908 720 4773 | +234 908 706 2126
  • Whatsapp: +234 908 706 2124
  1. Contact our Representatives – Meet our sales rep in your region. Understand the entire program and enroll for the program by completing Aniwura’s Marketer Agreement or contact us the numbers and email above.
  2. Design an enticing plan - Draft your own customized Incentive Program Rules. Every activity you choose will be assigned a specific range of points exclusively by you. Aniwura also gives the liberty to create a framework for special reward campaigns. Once the principles have been characterized, a connection will be added to the online incentive portal for your salesforce to view.
  3. Register your salesforce – A comprehensive database of your salesforce needs to be forwarded in order to assign incentive points. The salesforce are also provided with complete access to the online incentive portal.