Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer FAQ

1. I have registered on but I am yet to receive a verification or confirmation email.

- Kindly check your junk or spam folder or you may contact our Customer Service support at 0908 720 4771 Or 0908 720 4772 or send email to
- You can start to perform transactions on Aniwura as soon as we launch before the end of the Last quarter of 2016. But you are encouraged to register first so as to activate your membership.
- Click on Register Now to Signup at the top right corner of any page or the "REGISTER NOW" button on the homepage. Fill in the details as requested , Click "Submit". You will receive a notification email for the successful registration.
- You may have entered a wrong password, we suggest you do "Password Reset" by clicking on password reset , An email will be sent to your email address allowing you to create your new password. You can log in to your account with the new password you have created.
- To change the information in your account, just log in to your account, choose “manage my account ”, and edit anything you want (e.g. address, phone number, company info , email) then not forget to click on SAVE.
- You log in to your account, choose “manage my account”, and edit the “My address” and “SAVE”.
- Any changes or adjustments to an address must be made before placing an order, it is not possible to amend address details after the order is successful
-Buyers membership on is absolutely free..
- There are two ways to becoming a supplier on, we have option for free membership and we also the space for paid membership. Kindly check our subscription package page to verify the different packages that are available . We have space for free members and 6 other different subscription packages for paid members, each package comes with different benefits.
-Yes you can upgrade your subscription package , all you need to do is to go to the subscription

Buyer – Order & Payment
- You can view and add products to the shopping cart as a buyer. You can also call a supplier directly without registering on Aniwura. However, to conclude a transaction, you need to be a registered member so as to be able to secure both the buyer and the seller. Since it will mean making payment after completing the order process. For more detailed information, please contact our Customer Service Support at 0908 720 4771 or email (
- The price stated on suppliers webpages are most times not net prices, it is always advisable to contact the supplier for further negotiations or clarifications. We also advise buyer to stay tuned on our present or future promotions on anichase by subscribing to our newsletter. For more information, please contact Customer Service Support at 0908 720 4772 or email to
- Yes you can, very possible. You only need to add it to your shopping cart from ‘Product Order Page’, and check out all the products on one go! This allows you to save time from placing multiple orders & performing multiple payments.
- If you have made a payment for your order, you cannot change any information again, such as shipping details, billing information or delivery method as the seller/ supplier may have started the shipment process. Should you wish to change any order under any unforeseen circumstances, kindly contact Customer Service Support at 0908 720 4772 or email to support@aniwura .com as soon as possible.
- A shopping cart is a tool that help buyers make purchases easily at a go on a platform . Products inside your shopping cart can be purchased with a single payment even if the orders are from different suppliers. also provides shopping cart coupons which provide discount on total payable amount of your shopping cart.
- You can change an order for the selected product(s), you can change the option in Shopping Cart. Please note that certain products come with maximum purchase limit in quantity set by seller. You can check the information on Product Order Page.
- While browsing, if you have found some products that caught your attention but not sure to buy or not to buy, put them into your wish list. Wish list allows you to save time to go back to the products you were interested & to put them into shopping cart for a quick check out.
- We use images we hope most accurately reflect the colour and shape of products and product specification as sent by the manufacturer or suppliers , but, depending on your screen resolution, or the manufacturer that supplies the product, there may be small variations in color, it is advisable to contact the supplier for proper verifications or contact Aniwura customer service support to arrange for proper inspection of goods before the transaction is completed .
- Since it is a b2b site you will see the stock information on the suppliers webpage, you are also to contact the supplier in real time to confirm availability of product or services .
- There is a number attached to every Order , that is like a reference number for the product(s) you have ordered. Once you click the link that brings you to the order page, you can check your order number as well as payment information, rewards provided by seller (if any), product details & your shipping information.
- 'Purchase Confirmation' means that your order process has officially been completed. Once your product arrives, you can inspect the product thoroughly. If the received product is in a good condition and as described in Product Order Page, you can click 'Confirm Purchase' in My Page.
It is a code given to every completed transaction. That is, when a transaction has happened,a number is attached to it as a proof of settlement. It covers every bit of transactions, from order, negotiations, payment, logistics. If the buyer contact the customer service support they will be required to give their transaction code to be able to ascertain the level of the transaction.
- Yes cheque payment is allowed for most B2B purchase.
- No, it is not possible since Aniwura does not stock goods in the warehouse. you can only complete order from our platform, you can also contact our Customer Service support team who may guide you step by step and help follow up with your quotation request from a supplier .
- Payment can be done by credit card, debit card, e-wallet, PayPal . LC is also accepted . Cash payment is totally discouraged .but it is good to discuss with the supplier or manufacturer to conclude on preferred payment terms .
- No, orders cannot be made from any social media Chanel , you have to complete all orders from our platform, our Customer Service support team may guide you step by step and follow up for their quotation request.
- Yes, it is possible, buyers are to contact merchants directly to make orders, it is always advisable to complete all transactions on the platform . we will not be held responsible for any transaction that is not processed or completed on the platform .

Buyer – Delivery
- Handling and delivery fees are determined by the total weight of the products. Depending on the seller/ supplier., free delivery may be available for selected products and will be clearly indicated by the supplier. Terms of delivery outside Nigeria will also depend on the discussion with the supplier. You may easily check the product’s delivery fees at the logistic product page on
- Tracking information may not be made available immediately on our platform, but it will be available within 24 hours after our logistic partners may have updated their records. If after 24 hours you still have problem with your tracking number, please contact the customer service support on 0908 720 4771 our agent will be available to give immediate assistance.
- Never mind! Quickly p check your order tracking number to know where it is located , thereafter make effort in retrieving the goods through your agent or contact the supplier to help.
- It Is not a problem, if you ordered from multiple suppliers in one order then you will receive your orders in separate parcels. If you ordered all the items from the same supplier and still find some items missing in your parcel then please reach out to us at 0908777999 and we will investigate the matter for you or better still contact the supplier for immediate follow up.
- Aniwura is not involved in scheduling of deliveries. However, you may coordinate with the supplier to arrange with the courier/ logistics partner to schedule according to your preference.
- Kindly contact the supplier or contact your proffered courier / logistics partners to confirm there working days .
- We will not be able to speed up deliveries, the delivery time for your order depends on the supplier(s) you have ordered from. Once the item is shipped they will send a shipment notification .
- Since it is confirmed the goods has been shipped, it may take up to 24 hours to show on the website. For the most accurate delivery time for your item(s), please refer to the respective product order page.
- Yes , this is possible , since products may have been shipped from different facilities or locations and therefore, may arrive at different times. Also, note that if you have ordered several items, these may be shipped separately. You will receive individual emails with the tracking number for the different shipments in the order.
- Delivery times are influenced by product availability, geographic location of the Supplier, your shipping destination and the courier/ logistics partner's time-to-deliver in your location.
-Orders cannot be cancelled once the item has been shipped.
- You will need to sign a letter of authorization as a confirmation and indicate a second party at the point of purchase to identify the person who can receive goods on your behalf. You can also contact our customer service at 0908 720 4771 immediately after purchase to inform us of the third party . The person should present a valid ID along with the letter of authorization from you.
- Logistic partners can deliver to all domestic areas in Nigeria and most international routes since we also work with In partnership with smaller logistic companies and not just big logistic companies
- will deliver your order following the address you provide during checkout, whether it is your house address or office or warehouse.
- does not provide a self-service delivery location to pick up your orders but if you are in states outside Lagos states, you can cooperate with our service center to make your orders and pick ups at the center. The kind of goods and size varies. You can contact our customer service support for more information.
- Some group of suppliers are restricted to specific appointed Courier/ logistic companies for delivery. However, our Gold, Diamond and premium enterprise merchants are privileged to use their own choice if logistic company. Kindly check the metal tag on the suppliers webpage to know if the supplier covered . We are also available to provide more information for this part by contacting our Customer Service Support at or call 0908 720 4771

Buyer – Product
- You can get informations on suppliers webpages , you can read all the product information (e.g. product size, warranty duration, manufacturers name, company profile etc.) under tab "Product details"
- You need to choose the product you want by opening the product page. You will see the stock information provided by the supplier or manufacturer on the page, where it shows “available” or product not available .but better still contact the manufacturer for real time discussion .or use our chat application to connect with the supplier.
- We have selected images as supplied by the supplier and manufacturers, We take them to have accurately reflect the colour and shape of products alongside the product specification, but, depending on your screen resolution, or the manufacturer that supplies the product, there may be small variations in colour, such as a slightly lighter shade between the actual product and how it appears when viewed on the website kindly make sure you connect with the supplier through our inspection agents to verify before you conclude on the transaction.
- Yes, we shall start to send out promotions and newsletters to you as soon as we launch officially.